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6/27/15 - Onwards and Upwards

I talked to Eka the other day and asked her to create a gallery for me on the Portal. While I'm still not 100% sure how everything's going to settle, I am probably going to be moving my full presence over to Eka's.

I used to be a coder, so creating my own site was a great source of pride. However, in recent years, the desire to make my life easier has overtaken my controlling nature. So while the Portal's interface doesn't do everything that my site does, it clearly works well enough for the community at large. Therefore, I think it's time I truly stopped being such a recluse in that regard.

When this happens, I may not be moving over everything. I have a tenuous relationship with some of my older creations, and I'm probably going to be taking advantage of this situation to clear them out.

If there's a particular story or image that you love that's currently on my site, now is the time to save it.

My website has always had a convenient DOWNLOAD button for each story, so there's no excuse on this front! Any deletions won't happen immediately, but they will likely happen eventually. You've been warned.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me over the years. I'm looking forward to bringing you many more stories!

—El Portero